Are AAA Auto Insurance Rates Cheap?

American Automobile Association, better known simply as AAA, is one of the oldest auto insurance companies in the US. Founded in 1902, AAA is a non-profit organization that is an automobile lobby group, as well as, an auto insurance provider. AAA has several branches in the form of local clubs and people, who buy AAA auto insurance, belong to their local club. All the local clubs are affiliated to the main parent company, the headquarters of which is located in Florida. The members of any one club are eligible to receive services of other affiliate local club.

The wide range of auto insurance coverage offered by AAA cover you, your vehicle and even the other party involved in the accident. Unlike, several other auto insurance providers, AAA does not increase your insurance premium drastically if you happen to have an accident. The increase is very marginal.

AAA is a firm believer in fair practices and therefore, does not deny you insurance due to a bad credit or driving related accidents. Thus, if you are having trouble getting an auto insurance policy due to any of these problems, you should head to AAA.

The best part about having an auto insurance policy with AAA is that you also get access to other facilities offered by them, such as, emergency roadside assistance, travel directions, online maps and more. Thus, if your vehicle breaks down, you can call AAA for assistance and they will send you a towing truck. Being an AAA associate also gets you discounts at various hotels, restaurants, car rentals and other places.

AAA offers some of the best auto insurance quotes in the US. The company helps you select a policy best suited to your needs. In addition, you can also avail several discounts on your auto insurance policy, such as, a reduction in price on pledging to wear a seat belt or a discount on your auto insurance for having your home insurance with them. The agents of the company are very cordial and helpful.

The claims service of the company is one of the best in North America. The customer service is very friendly and the claims service very fast. If the accident involved another vehicle insured by AAA, they waive off $250 from the deductible.

With so many services and other benefits, it is no wonder that AAA is one of the most popular auto insurance companies in North America.