Learn Auto Insurance Requirements In Miami Florida

If you own a vehicle in the US, it's essential for you to have auto insurance coverage to ensure protection in an event of accident. However, the requirement and auto insurance laws may vary from state to state. Thus, it's important for you to be aware of the auto insurance laws and requirements of the state you reside in. If you are a resident of Miami, Florida and wish to buy auto insurance, you need to be familiar with the following auto insurance requirements in Miami Florida:

1. Financial Responsibility law: Under this law, all vehicle owners in Miami, Florida must have a minimum auto insurance coverage to pay for damages caused to other people's car, personal property and bodily injury. This includes taking a minimum bodily injury liability coverage for $10,000 for one person and $20,000 coverage to pay for bodily injury for more than one person involved in the accident. Besides you need to have minimum property damage liability coverage of $10,000.

2. No-Fault Law: This law requires all vehicle owners in Miami Florida to obtain a minimum coverage of $10,000 for personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 liability coverage for property damage These two insurance coverage are important to ensure protection against damage to car and other personal property in an event of an accident.

The auto insurance requirements in Miami, Florida are applicable to all the vehicles registered in Florida. If you do not have minimum insurance coverage in Miami Florida, you face risk of losing driving privileges. You may have to pay fine of up to $500 and your driver's license and vehicle registration may be suspended for 3 years.

If you have recently relocated to Miami Florida, you need to register your vehicle with the Miami, Florida traffic department and obtain a Florida state drivers license within 30 days before you opt for auto insurance. If you already have a driver's license of some other state and if it hasn't expired, you can immediately obtain Florida drivers license without having to give any road test.

Also, it's essential for you to renew your insurance policy as soon as it expires. If you fail to do so, your insurance carrier will notify the Florida state and it will immediately send a verification request for new insurance policy. However, if you fail to respond in time, your driving license will be suspended until you obtain new insurance coverage.