Car Insurance Myths - Auto Quotes

Buying car insurance should be based on facts. There are many car insurance myths that mess many people up when attempting to buy a policy. You need to know about all the car insurance myths, the details of them, and why they are not true. Believe it or not, these myths have held back many people over the years. If you believe in them there is a good chance that you will never get the car insurance coverage that you actually deserve.

Car Color

Does the color of my car affect how much I pay for insurance? This is one of the most common myths that you are sure to hear at some point in time. For instance, it has long been thought that red cars are more costly to insure. Simply put, none of this is true. There are things that affect your premium, but the color of your car is not one of them.

Credit Score

Your credit score does matter when it comes time to buy car insurance. It is a myth that you can have bad credit and this will not affect your premium. Many car insurance companies consider your credit score when offering you coverage, or allowing you to make a change to something else.

I don't need Car Insurance because I am a Safe Driver

Sounds silly doesn't it? But many people believe it. Even if you have never been in an accident you need a car insurance policy. Not only will this protect you should something happen in the future, but it will also keep you legal. In the United States, it is illegal to operate a vehicle without insurance.

Have you believed any of these car insurance myths in the past? These are three of the most common myths, but far from the only ones. When buying car insurance you need to deal strictly with the facts.