Discount Auto Insurance

Several auto insurance providers offer discounts to insurance policy customers if they fulfill certain conditions. These discounts can lower your car insurance premium significantly. Let us have a look at some common discounts offered by auto insurance companies:

1. The best-known discount is the No-Claims discount offered to people with clean claims record. A no-claim record will help you lower your insurance premium up to a certain point.

2. Advanced driver training can reduce your insurance premium rate by 10% especially if you are young because a better-trained driver is less likely to be involved in accidents.

3. College students and other young people can get discounts on their car insurance policy if they don’t drink (because they’ll be less likely to drive under the influence of alcohol), stay away from home (they will have access to their cars only during their vacations) or have good grades in college.

4. Some auto insurance companies even offer you discounts if you buy more than one car insurance policy or a home insurance policy from them. The logic is that they give you a discount if you give them more business.

5. Devices such as air bags, anti-lock breaks and anti-theft devices that make your vehicle more secure can get you a discount from your auto insurance provider.

6. You can get a discount for having a low mileage. The lesser you drive your vehicle; the lower is the risk of being involved in an accident. Thus, insurance companies offer discounts to people whose mileage is low.

7. Several auto insurance companies offer discounts to their long-term customers. Thus, you should opt for yearly policies rather than 6-month policies.

8. Discounts are offered if you are buying auto insurance for a large group of people such as an association, college alumni or others. You can get the members of your group some other special advantages also.

9. Auto insurance companies offer several other discounts depending on your state of your residence.

Not all insurance companies offer you these discounts on their own and you need to ask them about these. Discounts can lower your insurance premium by, as much as, 15% to 20%. So, whether you are buying an auto insurance policy for the first time or just renewing your existent policy, you should try to get that discount auto insurance. Do your homework and find out which discounts you are eligible for before buying an auto insurance policy.