Florida Auto Insurance - What Is Threshold Level?

As per some of the no-fault insurance laws, threshold level refers to the degree of injury which the claimant must establish before he/she is allowed to sue a party for negligence. This threshold level can be both verbal as well as in a dollar amount. A verbal level relates to the severity of the injuries whereas a dollar amount level refers to a specific amount of money.

In other words, a threshold level is a kind of financial limit set in no-fault insurance policies in case the injuries and damages rises. If the injuries and damage crosses the stipulated threshold level, the person who is not at-fault can sue the person at fault in a court of law.

For example, suppose a person who is at fault for an accident has a threshold limit of $1,000. Then, the person who is not at fault can sue the person if the damage occurred during the accident exceeds the threshold limit of $1,000.

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