State Farm Auto Insurance

The insurance company, State Farm was established in the year 1922 by insurance salesperson George Jacob Mecherle. The Illinois headquartered company was started with an objective to provide the right insurance at a fair price to its customers and it has been offering affordable auto insurance policies since then. It is the largest auto insurance company in North America by the virtue of being the insurance provider of the most number of cars (the number was 40 million in 2005).

The State Farmer Auto Insurance policy normally covers you and your spouse, relatives who live at your home and other licensed drivers who are permitted to drive your vehicle. The different types of coverage offered by State Farm Auto Insurance are:

1. Liability coverage (includes bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage)
2. Personal Injury Protection
3. Medical payments
4. Collision coverage
5. Comprehensive coverage
6. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
7. Emergency road service
8. Rental Reimbursement

The company also educates you about the various factors that can influence the price of your auto insurance, gives you vehicles ratings and tells you about your car insurance coverage and deductible options.

State Farm Auto Insurance also provides customers a chance to lower their insurance premiums by offering them discounts such as:

1. Multiple Vehicle
2. New Vehicle Safety
3. Anti-theft Device
4. Accident Free
5. Good Driving
6. Defensive Driving
7. Driver Training
8. Steer clear safe driver discounts

You are offered discounts even if you reduce your mileage. Thus, you should consider joining a car pool. You may be offered more discounts depending on your State of residence. State Farm Auto Insurance is a good option if you have had accidents in the past and are considered a high-risk driver by other auto insurance providers.

State Farm Auto Insurance makes it very easy for its customers to manage their auto insurance policies. Customers have the option of making premium payments online. State Farm has always been an innovative service provider.

The customer service is quick and efficient. You can call on a toll free line, walk into the local claim office or mail in your queries (by post or email). The processing of claims is also quick and hassle free.

State Farm Auto Insurance provides all-round features and services to their customers. It has been rated highly for its financial strength and ability to pay claims by various independent agencies.